Calm Down with CBD + CBG from Resoma360

Over the years I find myself unable to go to sleep at nights until very late because so much is on my mind. I have desired to find a way to turn it off and just calm down and go to sleep. Taking traditional medication has often made me feeling less rested when I wake up in the mornings and I am usually scared to read the side effects of sleeping aides knowing that it contributes to suicidal thoughts, impotence and many other disturbing side effects.

Recently I was introduced to a tincture of CBD+CBG, cannabinoids from Hemp, offered by ReSoma360. What a difference! I take between 3 to 5 drops under my tongue and find myself feeling chill with a night of restful sleep not far off. With less than 0.03% THC, it is not addictive and there are no harmful side effects that I should worry about.

You too can have a more restful sleep at nights. Yes, like me, you can turn it off and just calm down and enjoy a night of chill sleep.

ReSoma360 offers 2 tinctures (1500mg & 900mg), an all natural body lotion and a roll on to laser focus on certain pain points. Relief is available and its natural.

by: J Gordon

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